Monday, February 20, 2017



After our Twisted Sisters ride on Sunday we had a few down days before our next ride.  On Monday we started out for a walk but heard the “thock thock” of pickleballs.  We went to investigate and found these nice folks playing.  The nearer two are Val and Bill, the other two are Randy and Anne. 


We all cycled in and out of several very fun games.


After lunch we strolled down for a look at the lake which was crystal clear and slightly green.


Not many people were out.  We saw this guy but he didn’t have much to say.


This guy, Rich, was very friendly and talkative.


Tuesday we played pickleball with Anne and Randy.  For supper we went to Helotes (Hello tees) for Valentine’s Day supper.  We went to a great BBQ place called B-Daddy’s.  There planned to meet Bill and Val and another couple that they had met at the park.  Who showed up but our new friend from the dock—Rich—and his wife Doris.  All of us new friends spent a very enjoyable three hours chatting, laughing and eating very good brisket.

Round the table from the left—Doris, Rich, Bill, Val, Anne, Rich, me.


Wednesday the weather turned chilly and damp.  Bill and Val had moved on to their next stop, and Anne and Randy had taken a little two day trip to Padre Island.  That left us without any pickleball players, so we just hunkered down for a day of doing not much.

Thursday we took another ride.

Louise and Duane

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