Monday, February 27, 2017

General Business

Besides visiting family, we are here to help them get ready for (our youngest son) Jesse’s wedding at the house on Saturday March 4.  We started the day with fortifications at Denny's, a ritual we enjoy at least once every time we visit. (Jennifer usually opts for a sleep-in.)


While the grown-ups cleaned house and yard, I taught the kids a new card game.


Afternoon found Luke cleaning his room while Allie and I took a (1/2 mile) stroll to the river.


Along the way we caught a glimpse of the little pond Jeremy made (see Goofin’ blog).


The road stops at this little meadow above the river.  Jeremy is building a fishing shack here.  The bottom will be as is, the top (10’ above ground level) will be enclosed and partitioned into bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms.  The steps will go where the ladder is.


Right now the upstairs is a playground.


View to the left.  You can see where the ground drops off into a ravine.  At the bottom is


a little stream of clear, clean water.  He plans to dam this stream just a few feet from the river and make a clear water pond there.


View to the right.  That framework will be the front porch.  To the right you can see the top of the steps to the river’s edge and beyond that is the top of the boat ramp. 


View further right.  You can see the top of the stair rail on the left.  Jeremy says that the Sabine will flood this area about once a year, coming up about 40 vertical feet.  That black barrel (right rear) floated up there and stayed after the water receded.  The water reaches the top rail of the steps, but only reaches the base of the porch supports above.


View from the top of the steps


and from the top of the boat ramp (about 30’ down.)  The last time we were here we found water moccasins in the middle of this ramp.  None today.


View at rivers edge, upstream


and down.


Allie and I walked down, but Luke and I walked up.


We took a different route home, past the reading stand with swing underneath.  The house is on top the hill in the background.


We found some treasures along the way, but that’s another story.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Boy do those kids have a beautiful place to grow up in. Enjoy your visit.