Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Two Wonderful


The Eagle took us 50 miles south along the entire length of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.


With a few little ups and downs and sweeping curves,  the road was mostly level and straight, running past tall trees,large dunes, and long lakes.




At Coos Bay we left the dunes and entered the Bay Area.

Entry to the area is across the historic McCullough Memorial Bridge.  When it was built in 1936, this was the longest bridge along the coast. 



This steel cantilever truss bridge is 5,305 feet long and rises high over the water for easy boat-traffic clearance.


Coos Bay is an s-shaped estuary where the Coos River enters the bay and borders the city of Coos Bay on the south. 

Duane is removing his sunglasses before we check out the latest bikes.




Duane was really tempted by this Wide Glide, but we still have the Screamin’ Eagle.


The Harley store was a side trip.  Our real goal was up the hill in North Bend on the north side of Coos Bay—a  visit with long time friends Loraine and Bruce Nickson.  We first met this delightful couple at the Escapees (Club) rv park in Deming, NM.  Now they reside in North Bend, OR close to their daughter and son-in-law who joined us for lunch.  We spent a wonderful 3 hours with our friends before we had to head back north.


Back across the McCullough bridge,


along the big dunes,


we ran into the marine layer creeping in


just before we stopped for a visit to the Umpqua River Lighthouse. Built with plans identical to Heceta Head’s lighthouse, both lights were illuminated in 1894.  Umpqua’s lens emits its own distinctive automated flashes. 


Across the road is a viewing platform offering fantastic views of the Umpqua River Jetty, migrating whales and surrounding dunes—but not today.


We followed the river to Winchester Bay, then turned back onto US 101


and back into sunshine.  None to soon—the air was chilly all day, but in the marine layer it was damp and cold.   


We bypassed our house and rode into Florence and up the hill to the Three Rivers Casino


where we met up with biker friends Sheryl and Jeff for our second great visit of the day.  We always enjoy meeting up with them for some lively conversation.    


Jeff’s shirt is a spoof of the HBO biker show Sons of Anarchy.  It says Sons of Arthritis, Ibuprophen Chapter, Ride Through The Pain.  How true.


We thank all of our friends Bruce and Lorraine for providing lunch and Jeff and Sheryl for buying dinner at the Casino, and all of them for providing two wonderful visits for us today.  Duane and I always enjoy our travels, but the friends we make and keep meeting up with, make our travels even more interesting and fun.    

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh how I hate bridges. Going over one on a bike would give my hate a whole new outlook...and it wouldn't be good.

Thanks for the photo of Jeff and Sheryl. We haven't seen them for ages. I love Jeff's shirt.