Saturday, August 06, 2016

Pow Wow

Today was the first day of the Kalispel pow wow.  We headed on over the river and up LaClerc Rd. South, to the reservation,




hung a left at the tribal headquarters,


and along the drive to the pow wow grounds.


The grounds consists of circles in circles.  There is a circular paved outer drive, a paved inner drive, and four buildings—this large covered dance ground (newly surfaced with Astroturf,IMG_8408

across from this rectangular multipurpose building, and on the other sides two small snack bars (which were closed).


Attendees came from several states (I heard Montana mentioned) and Canada.  They camped in the grassy circle between the two drives.  Some stayed in teepees,


others in rvs,


the majority in tents.  All entrances faced east.


Two events were scheduled for today.  First was free dinner.  At 11:00 everyone lined (elders first, then dancers and drummers, then guests) up for a plate of pulled buffalo, a roll, choice of macaroni or potato salad, and a bottle of water. 


The open-air dance floor was where everyone headed next.  Competitions were scheduled for singer/drummer groups and dancers.  The circles of chairs around the edge of the floor are for the drummer/singers.  I counted 28 groups.


This group was closest to us.  They were mostly young.  Notice the guy checking his cell phone.


Grand entry with flags from the US, Canada, and Washington.   


As the emcee announced their names the drummers/singers performed in turn as each dance group (also announced) entered—first traditional men,



(loved this old guy with the cane)


then contemporary men (all with jingle bells),


women bedecked with tinkle cones,


children accompanied their parents, with teen boys then teen girls following the women.


This little one was bushed.


The drums and singers were very loud, but the baby slept even through daddy’s group’s performance.


Two hours later, everyone was in, the drummers were finished, and we were deaf. 

Our trips through Newport took us past this soda fountain/deli/grocery with a sign announcing home-made ice cream.  Now, anyone who knows me or has followed our blog will understand why I decided that we had to stop here.  I am very picky about ice cream.  I will turn down soft-serve and most brands.  I prefer locally-made hand-dipped, and will take a chocolate malt made from that whenever I can find it.  After 6 months of searching through 9 states and the province of Alberta, I had finally found the home of my next chocolate malt!


I sat at this wonderful original counter, and ordered up.  I’m sorry, we just ran out of malt yesterday.  I think they heard my wail of disappointment 15 miles away at the pow wow!


Will I ever find a really good chocolate malt?

I’ll keep looking and let you know.

Louise and Duane

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