Thursday, August 04, 2016

Chillin’ in Washington


We started our first full day at the Little Diamond Thousand Trails/KOA  rv park by driving 8 miles into Newport to the high school.  Our goal was the tennis/pickleball courts behind the school.  We were welcomed into the fold like long- lost family.  There were all levels of players from very good to second-lesson beginners.  All of the better players played at the level of the rest of the players on the team.  About 16 people showed up so that everyone was able to play as much as they wished.  All in all it was one of the most enjoyable groups we’ve met in our travels. 

The rest of the day we decided to sit around doing our stuff—computer, tv, reading.  I made brownies—and ate them.  The park was very quiet with only occasional people noises.  I imagine that that will change this weekend, but we’ll see. 

No pix of the games.  I forgot to take the camera.  Below are some pix of our campsite.



View from back door.  That seems to be brush dump.  Not very nice, but not a neighbor either.


See that big tree trunk on the left?


Here’s the rest of it.


A little snug on one side.


View from the back.  This used to be a site but is not in use now.


Tomorrow we’re going on a bike ride.

Louise and Duane

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Aaaahhhh. Nice relaxing day