Sunday, August 28, 2016

No No No


Rustic is the word for this Thousand Trails campground just off US 101 five miles north of the California city of Cloverdale.

There is no sewer hookup, no 50 amp,  no adult area, no swimming pool, no laundry, no playground, no outdoor activity areas except a basketball court and two horseshoe pits, no respite from the marine layer (which creeps in after dark and stays until after 10 am), and no end to curves and hills.


The 125 sites, each with a narrow paved parking pad, are scattered through four areas.  There are a few pull-thrus, a few flat sites, and a few long enough for big rigs.

It’s one of those parks built on a hillside with trees making parking difficult at best.

We were fortunate to get one of the longer sites.  That pale spot in the background is where US 101 runs.


Closeup of the space between our neighbor and us.


Standing at the fence, looking across the ravine at the highway.


The front of the letters viewed from the road accessing the ravine and the Russian River bed.  Our rig is between the n and the g.


Down to the river.


This is the only place to swim. 


Small activity center


The entire library, puzzle collection, games.  There are a few video tapes.


TV/sitting area


Total activity area with one pool table.


No kitchen—that little brown and yellow trailer in the back is a mobile cook station serving breakfast on weekends.  The eating area is outside.


A lot of the sites are uneven, sloped, and difficult to maneuver into.




There is no laundry, but there are one washer and one dryer outside each of the four restroom/shower houses.


A few cottages and cabins.


There are bunches of  mountain jays


and acorn woodpeckers.

wood pecker

The woodpeckers poke holes in the trees and stash acorns in them for later.


We are here for 5 more days.  What shall we find to do for fun?

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

Although there a lot of nos, we don't really care if a campground doesn't have a pool, no activities, etc. we are usual out doing something and don't have time for them. Enjoy your next 5 days.