Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oh No! Oh Yes!


Plan for the day: drive to the Family Center to check e-mail and tidal charts, and to ask Susan, the nice lady in charge of recreation here at the park if any more pickleball players showed up,  drive to Pacific City, fuel the truck, take a bike ride after lunch, and explore the beach at low tide.  As we approached the Family Center, we saw a guy practicing serves.  We stopped for a chat and ended up making plans for a game with his wife and him after lunch. Yay!  Then, Susan said that her husband and she would play after work, and she also put us in touch with players who happened to be parked right in front of us. Double yay!

On with the plan.  Duane did his computer stuff, then we stopped by the house to drop off the computer and pick up the camera and went to fuel up.  Halfway to town I tried to take a picture and….no battery!  I was bummed that I couldn’t take any pix in Pacific City.  It is an interesting little town sprawled along the road between the ocean and a river and on the other side of the river too.

We did play pickleball after lunch in bright sunshine with Bill and Bridgett.  This evening we played with Doris and Dewey and Susan and Rick.  Lots of fun! 

Dewey and I are waiting to serve.  (That white line across my pants is the rope holding the net in place.)  We played from 7 to 8:30.  That foggy stuff is the marine layer creeping in.


There is always a breeze here, and lots of times a wind.  It ranges from cool to downright cold. Rick told us that this was the coolest, wettest summer in forever.  Today it was long sleeve weather in the afternoon, sweatshirt weather in the evening, even though we were exercising. I had on a three layers of long sleeves and was still cool.


In our wanderings around the park we noticed several of these rabbits.  They are obviously escaped pets that are now running wild.  Their colors run from tan to black and they are bigger than wild rabbits.  They are also not afraid of humans, but will hop out of reach when approached. 


No more action for today.

Louise and Duane


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Now wait....when we were in that area in June 2012, they told us it was the wettest, coldest summer. It must be a yearly thing.

We used to play pickleball outside in Mission, TX, but they did away with the outside courts. If we weren't on the court at least by 8:00-9:30, we couldn't play...way to windy.

The Bright's said...

What are your plans from there? Maybe I should know, but I haven't been paying attention. I just looked you up to see where you were. We are on our way to North Bend, and not sure the immediate direction from there. We're taking a 2 week getaway.