Sunday, August 28, 2016


Sunday afternoon seemed like a good time to let the Eagle fly for a bit.  When we went to Cloverdale Friday we went left on Geysers Rd. to access US 101 south.  Today we turned the opposite direction to see what was there.  Just when the canyon scenery was getting interesting, the road turned to gravel. 


We found a bridge over the Russian River and into the quiet part of Cloverdale.  Away from the highway, this is a nice quiet little artsy/touristy town.  We toddled down the road enjoying the eclectic art.




Outside town we intended to go strait to pick up 101 and go back home, but took this turn instead.


Poof!  Our lazy little ride turned into a 120 mile, three hour tour of CA 128!


This turned out to be the perfect bike ride—a real roller coaster road.  We were really enjoying the sunshine, warm air, and wonderful smell of dried grass and leaves when


Poof!  We were in the heart of the Mendocino County wine country with vineyards and cellars everywhere, sometimes several in a row and on both sides of the road!  We rode along enjoying the change of scene when


Poof!  they were replaced by a Redwood forest!  This ride was truly delightful until


Poof!  the sun disappeared and we got cold in the marine layer, 128 disappeared and we were on CA1, and


Tada!  there was the ocean!


We took 1 north to a turnaround then poofed our way back the way we came. 

We actually saw some wildlife along this road.IMG_0723



This time we did take US 101 back to the campground.  We could see the camping sign that runs behind our rig (see No No No blog)  Our rig is between the n and the g.  Below it is the park access road to the Russian River which runs along the bottom of the ravine.


We have a couple more rides in store.  Y’all come back!


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