Tuesday, March 07, 2017



Since everyone went back to school and work today, the weather was beautiful—a bit of sun peeping through fast moving clouds, tem of 75, and no hint of rain.  Duane got the truck fixed—new fuel filters—so we are ready to haul the house to the Sherman Elks (north of Dallas) for a couple of weeks to visit another son and his family.  I baked cookies and read a book today, (in other words I was a slug),but found some interesting pix for your enjoyment.

Nothing Bundt Cake





I included this pic in a previous blog as a view of the Sabine.  This time I will explain the junk metal lying on the bank.  (Our son Jeremy who hosted the wedding at his house) owns 1/2 a mile of Sabine River frontage.  Every year the river floods several times and deposits various kinds of trash on the shore.  This year he has organized his neighbors on either side to hold a river cleanup for about 10 miles of the river bordering their properties.  He has raised a few sponsors for boats, participant shirts, and trash disposal.  Meanwhile, the scrap metal awaits.


We hope you have enjoyed visiting with our relatives during the wedding festivities.  Now we will start visiting families one at a time.  If you keep coming back, you will see how diverse they are.

Hope you aren’t bored yet,

Louise and Duane


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