Thursday, March 30, 2017


We did move on Tuesday—down the street and around the corner to Hidden Lake RV Park.  Sheesh!!! that creepy guy followed us here!!!! 

In our quick drive through on Sunday, I reported in the Shoppin’ blog that this park had an office,


a nice lake,



and one street of 30 nice sites.


In fact the place looked so nice that we went back on Monday and reserved a spot for 2 weeks.  There were two sites left.  The length of our rig earned us a site on the lake (more expensive, but the other site wasn’t long enough.)


Also in Shoppin’ I said that we didn’t see any other building.  That’s because for some reason we both missed this one right in the middle of the street on the lake side!  (Don’t ask me!)  This nice building houses the restrooms/showers on the street side, and


this nice porch and dock on the lake.


Inside is a clean laundry with 4w/4d, and the library.


Another error that I made in our quick ride-thru was to say that there was a gravel road all around the lake.  The gravel drive on the right of the entrance road led to extra vehicle parking and this overflow from the lake.


Past all of the sites the road leads to a turn-around so that you drive your rig out the way you came in.  It also turns right along this drive which ends inIMG_0642

this private drive.  Turn left and you go to that house.  Turn right and you connect to


this public road


which ends on SR 14, right next to the entrance to our previous park, Northgate.


View of the park from the private drive.


View from our door.


View of the lake from our door.  That’s Duane over there


catching bass.


Up next—???

Louise and Duane

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