Tuesday, March 14, 2017


We didn’t visit with the Van Alstyne TX. family today.  We played pickleball inside this gym in Dennison.  We end up here a couple of times a year when we visit this area, and recognized and were recognized by some of the players.  As usual with most gyms, the lines were a little confusing, but we managed to sort them out and have a good time.


Lunch was at Schlotzky’s.  (This used to be our favorite deli until we discovered Firehouse Subs.)  I think they ran out of clever names when it came to the potato chips.


While we were in Kilgore, we had the loss of power problem fixed, or so we thought.  On the way over to Sherman, the same problem recurred.  Duane took the truck to the Ford dealer in Denison on Friday, and was told that the high-pressure fuel pump needed to be replaced.  Hmmm, I hear $$$.  They gave us this loaner for the weekend.  It’s a peach.  We can’t lock it because if someone touches it when it’s locked the alarm goes off and no one knows how to stop it.  The “check engine” light and the “left rear door ajar” warnings stay on.  The backup camera works sometimes.  Other times a printout says that it is not available and to check with our dealer.  But hey—it’s free!.  We affectionately call it The Box.  It’s really weird riding in a car, sitting lower to the ground than in the truck or on the bike.  Good thing we don’t have far to drive. 


Besides playing pickleball, the truck was the other reason we didn’t hang out with the family.  We were waiting for the news that the truck was done, and it is closer to Dennison from Sherman than it is from Van Alstyne in case they called at the last minute before closing.  No luck.  They want to keep it a bit longer.

Tomorrow, more pickleball fun.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh boy. When our low-pressure fuel pump went out, the guy told Paul...good thing it wasn't the high pressure one. We felt very fortunate. So sorry for you two.

A Peach is a good name for that loser.