Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Four activities dominated our day today:  pickleball, getting ready to move tomorrow, slumming around watching tv, and discussing Duane’s knee replacement surgery.  The goal of the discussion was to raise questions that we need to ask, mainly about recovery and about out-of-pocket costs.

After we both read the Patient Guide To Knee Replacement, Duane decided to find out how much of his home health and physical therapy services will be covered by insurance.  I want to know if we may have to rent a car during the first few weeks of his recovery since our truck is high off the ground.  We both want to know, if he opts to have both knees done at once, if his recovery will be feasible in the small confines of our fifth-wheel.  A couple of people have asked if Duane is considering a second opinion.  I told him to examine how he felt about the orthopedist, and to trust his gut.

Originally, we were going to spend the summer tooling around Michigan, Wisconsin, and possibly Minnesota.  After the surgery enter the plans, we thought we would still do that, until we thought of the possibility of bad weather hindering his maneuverability this winter.  I also thought that he would not be able to thoroughly enjoy touring this summer with both knees hurting, and reminding him of his impending ordeal.  Because of these things, we have decided to proceed as though we will be staying here for the summer.  All of this, of course, depends on further discussion with our doctor and with each other. 

Meanwhile, we keep on doing our stuff and enjoying our lives.

Louise and Duane


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

If you have any questions, Paul has had both knees done. Not at the same time but he can help you with more info if you need it.

Susan said...

Though I have not had knee replacement it is on the horizon.

I encourage you both to read the article that was posted in last month's AARP magazine regarding knee replacement surgery. It was full of worthwhile facts and information. Knee replacement is the "new" popular surgery, it was an eye opening article for sure.