Saturday, March 25, 2017

Best Laid Plans


Plan for the day:  do laundry at the rv park, eat lunch, go to dr., go to (son) Jeremy’s house and stay with kids so that Jeremy and Jennifer can take an overnight trip to the Shreveport/Bosier casinos for some kidless r and r.  Call generator repair to set up appointment for assessment.  Go to laundry and find bugs in washers.  Ick!  Decide to do laundry in town.  Think about it some more. Decide to be smart, take laundry to kid’s house and do it. That way it won’t cost us and we won’t have to pack for our overnight trip.

New plan for the day:  take a walk, eat lunch, go to dr.  Whoops!  Generator repair guy, who doesn’t make house calls, shows up to assess why generator doesn’t work.  Repair is three miles away so guy stopped on the way back after another job.  Nice!

New plan:  wait around for repair guy to find problem.  Duane talks to the guy, I read.  Decide to wait lunch until we see if we have time.  Guy takes part back to shop, will return later in afternoon.

New plan:  eat lunch, go to dr., go to stay with grandkids.  Repair guy returns with cleaned part, puts it back in, fiddles with checking and rechecking, and declares us fixed.  Hey, we still have time to make to the dr.  I think this plan’s gonna work!

We made it to the dr in good time and actually got in and out in less than an hour!  We managed to drive the thirty miles from Tyler to Kilgore in a pounding rain without incident.  We collected Allie (12) and Luke (8) from their friends’ house and took them home.  We ate pizza for supper and homemade chocolate chip cookies (and the requisite cookie dough) for dessert while we played Uno and laughed a lot.  A little tv, then time for bed.  Piece of cake. 

Here is the good news/bad news referred to in Winding Down post.  Duane went to the orthopedist and discussed his increasing knee pain.  Guy say that he needs new knees and urges Duane to do both at once since it will be a quicker recovery time and he only has to go through surgery once.  Duane says we will travel this summer and have it done when we return to winter in Texas.  He is taking this seriously and starting on an increased exercise program to lose some weight and to get a head start on his recovery exercises.   My Dr. appointment today was with a dermatologist.   I had some squamous cell carcinoma removed last year and needed a head to toe dermatologist checkup.  Result:  two small spots “frozen”, good to go til next yearThe only bad news is that Duane is, of course, not looking forward to his surgery/recovery.  For me, the bad news is that I will have to do all of the driving for at least a month!  Oh No!!!

I’ll get over it.

Louise and Duane


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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Perfect example of plans written in jello.

So sorry to read about Duane. Paul has both knees done and says he is great. My dad now 89, had his last knee done at 80. He is doing super. No pain. They didn't have them both done at the same time though. Not sure how I feel about that one.

Where will he have it done? Does this change your plans on going to the RGV next winter.