Sunday, November 13, 2016

Who’s Up For Lunch?

Our friends Brock and Leola are packed up to leave tomorrow, but before Spyder hopped into the back of the truck, he went for a run (2000 ft.) up “the Hill”.  Eagle led the way past a very healthy looking desert IMG_5894

and through Congress.


Several peaks make up the Weaver Mountains.  We ride around each one in a series of ascending curves.



I don’t think I would mind living up there.


This sign has been here for years.  It has been repainted, but the price doesn’t change.


Love the little ice cream cone guy, but the poor witch seems to have lost her head.


This time we sat in the other corner.


We enjoyed our visit and our lunch.  We will be meeting each other for more activities.  They are moving to an rv park just north of Phoenix.


View of some houses across the street.


Back side of the house where I wouldn’t mind living.


We stopped at the overlook just for fun.


Vulture Peak in the Vulture Mountains (see Change Is Good blog).


On the right of Vulture Peak but in the valley is North Ranch RV Park in the distance, then Congress.  Up close is the abandoned dairy farm.


View of the road coming up the mountain.


To our right is a truck and trailer coming up the lower road.  Above it is our road down.  The orange and white area on the far right marks the parking pull-out for the new Granite Mountain Hot Shots Memorial State Park.  The parking lot is paved and painted, the sign posts are ready for information, and the steps leading to the walking trail are complete.  It is scheduled to open, I think, at the end of this month.


Waiting for lunch to arrive I thought it humorous that a guy named Peck sold chickens.


I wonder what what’s in store for tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Another wonderful ride. I remember that sign. The guy must not want to sell very badly. Maybe you two can give him an offer. You never know.