Saturday, November 19, 2016

Double Duty

The North Ranch Biker Gang was out today not only for a ride, but also to arrive at a destination.  Smiley joined us on his bike, but since Doug was feeling slightly puny, he and Jan followed in their car.


Our route from North Ranch was left out of the park on CR 89, south east on AZ 60 through Wickenburg, east on CR 74, then a short hop north on I 17 to the Pioneer Living History Village, circa the late 1800’s.


Brock and Leola made a short trip from their new rv park just off I 17, and met us in the parking lot.


This village is a Phoenix city park operated by a non’'-profit group.  All of the buildings were moved here from nearby locales.


The village consisted of some long buildings divided into small businesses,


with historical information outside each shop,


and restored inside to show what each building would have looked like around 1860-1880.


Some buildings were larger and stood alone.


Not all buildings were restored, due to lack of funds.


Like our ride, our visit here was two-fold.  We wanted to spend a pleasant day out in the beautiful weather visiting the village and learning the local history.  We were also here to see the soldiers.  The village was hosting representatives of the Northern and Southern armies of the War Between the States.  Encampments of soldiers were set up around the buildings. 

A Union encampment next to and behind the Victorian house.



Southern encampment.


The opera house was not set up as such.


It housed a display of soldier’s weapons and another display of what a soldier would carry in his backpack.


The decorations on this deck of cards (flag, Union shield, eagle) show plainly that this deck belonged to a Union soldier.


Way back then there was dental care available.



We’ll continue our visit tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Cool place. I would have survived in those encampments.