Thursday, November 10, 2016

More Desert Caballeros Western Museum

This building, the first brick building  in Wickenburg, is 1/2 of the block that houses the Museum. 

Between the museum and this building are Museum administrative buildings. Next to this building on the back of the Museum is


the Museum Cutural Crossroads Learning Center.  Out front are a couple of life-sized sculptures.  One is “Thanks For The Rain”,


modeled from the small sculpture inside.




The other sculpture.


is a reminder that western people came from all walks of life, including a wide range of educational levels.


Inside is an open area with changing exhibits.  An area in the middle of the room was being set up with folding chairs for a talk. 

The exhibits on display  were Bola Ties,modern paintings and photographs, two antique Victorian crazy quilts, and an array of gems and minerals from around Wickenburg.




When Britain’s Queen Victoria was in power, her influence stretched into the US.  Victorian women created crazy quilts to prove that they were not just pretty faces.  Not only could they manage their households, but could produce beautiful but useful decorations.  Most pieces they produces were arm and back covers to protect the furniture and to showcase their talents at embroidery. 


Additionally, Victorians were fond of what we call “showy clutter”.



We all enjoyed our Museum visit—the first for Brock and Leola, the second for us.

Tomorrow we go off on another adventure.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Well, thank you very much Queen Victoria! I love the colors!