Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Old Is New

Cool temperatures tempted the Eagle to fly.  Joining us again were Brock and Leola on their Spyder.  The last time we rode together was August in Canada.


We also reunited with Smiley, who last rode with us two years ago when we were all staying at North Ranch Escapees Rv Park.  (Unfortunately, Doug and Jan were unable to join us, but will on our Thursday ride.)


I asked Smiley if he called his BMW trike by a nickname he showed me his bell to ward off road demons (available at any motorcycle dealer) but said no, he didn’t call his bike Belle or any other nickname.


When we started up Yarnell Hill we encountered a surprise:  the one-way road down the mountain was closed, the road up is temporarily two-way.  Weird to see traffic coming at us, especially something big like that rv .


Every time we ride to Bagdad we see familiar favorites, like this full-sized metal sculpture of a mother elephant and her baby,IMG_5043

and these folded hills.


The road is always fun to ride with its curves, turns, and grade changes.




Bagdad is a copper mining town.  Everyone in town works for the mine or is family of a mine worker.  AZ 96, which is the main road in Bagdad ends on the other side of town. 


The town has everything you need—a nice city park, schools, a two grocery stores-one with a pharmacy and some other shopping, a medical clinic, a nice sit-down restaurant,


and the Diner.


Divesting ourselves of our extra layers.  The last time we came here we were hot!


Together again for food and chat—Leola, Brock, Smiley, Duane.  Leola, Brock, and Smiley got acquainted.


We all agreed that the scenery on the way to Bagdad looks different when we backtrack our route.


A flat-topped mesa appears among the rolling hills.


Going back down Yarnell Hill, this is where we would take the downhill road.  Instead we had to go down the up road.


The view is better on the upper road, there in front of us.


In Congress we stopped at “the big mall” which consists of a dog groomer’s, a beauty salon,


a small grocery and a book store. (It reminds us of “the Mall” in Chicken, Alaska.”


We left the grocery, went past the other “mall”, and home.


Our ride today was impromptu.  Duane and I headed out this morning to the eye doctor.  When we arrived we were informed that our appointments were tomorrow.  We decided to take advantage of the excellent bike riding weather.

After the doctor tomorrow it’s back to work for me.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

They use the word mall loosely in them parts of the country...hehe