Monday, August 11, 2014

Visiting our California kids

This has been our home for the past three weeks. We arrived at son Matt's and family on July 21st. After trimming the brush at the entrance to the driveway I was able to get the rv backed in and set up. When we were here three years ago I had installed a 50 amp connection for us. There is a hose bib next to the electric hook up and a sewer clean out  that I can reach next to the rv. The trailer in the drive makes getting in and out with the cars a little tight but doable. 

Katie and Melanie. Mel is the our latest grandchild until the end of this year. 

Jack and Katie go to swimming lessons every Saturday. They are both doing really well and seem to love their time in the pool.

They were both excited to receive their ribbons for swimming 10 feet. 
 Their Aunt Jodie bought them a Slip an Slide 
 While we were here we earned our stay by doing a few projects around the house.  We built a new door for the chicken house. Katie helped with the painting.
 Matt and I worked on building a new "outside house".The shed is 11 X 11. There was a concrete pad already there. After numerous trips to the store and 4 days of work it was ready for use. Of course the days we worked on the shed were the hottest days of our stay here.
 The little shed covers the well tank and piping. We put a new roof on it and gave it a coat of paint.
 This shed is a play house as well as a storage shed. We put a loft in it with a padded deck so the kids would have a place to play. Matt put outdoor carpet over the concrete pad. We both think it turned out pretty well. 
 It took Mel 2 weeks to really get interested in my beard. After holding her and playing with her all that time, she decided that it was fun to pull at my beard. lol

 A parting smile to brighten your day.

This will be our last day here. Tomorrow we head east and north to Lake Tahoe for a few days. We had planned to stay at a Thousand Trails near there but found out that their water system was off and there would be no water or sewer in the park. Change of plans. We are going to at a park in South Lake Tahoe that is an Encore park. We can not stay there for free but do get a little discount. If I didn't want to ride the motorcycle around that part of the country we would just pass it and moved on.
We have had a great time here. Most every night after the kids are in bed it's card playing time. We have been so busy with projects and sitting for the grandkids that we have not had time for much touring the area.  I guess we will just have to return another time to tour (not to see the grand kids you 
Next stop
Lake Tahoe
Til then
Duane and Louise


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh what fun to be with all the kids again. Man are they growing like weeds. What a lovely family photo. I think I would get that one framed.

The "outside house" looks wonderful. Good job as usual. What a nice idea to include the kids in the shed project.

Safe travels dear friends. Hope we can meet up somewhere down the road this winter.

The Bright's said...

Hey brother you in Lake Tahoe?? Sure would like to see ya and do a ride together.

Jeff & Sheryl

Ken and Bonnie said...

Looks like a special time you had....neat