Sunday, August 17, 2014

South Lake Tahoe to Virginia City, NV and back

After three weeks of fun and games with our kids and grandkids in Walnut Creek, CA, we parted company on Monday Aug. 11.  They headed south to Legoland and we headed north east to Lake Tahoe.  We finally managed to squeeze into our tiny slot but the front tree blocked our front door.  We were stupid enough to do this instead of scouting around for a wider spot, but here we were and here we stayed for three nights.  We managed to get set up before the long series of thunder storms set in for the remainder of the day.  

We came to this area for the motorcycle rides.  Our first was a ride completely around the lake with a side trip to Virginia City.  When we visited this area three years ago we discovered two things.  One is that for the Cartwrights to  visit Virginia City from the Ponderosa by the lake, they had to ride 50 miles over the mountain.  Number two is that Virginia City is not flat but 5 streets built on the mountain side.

 Since the state line between Nevada and California runs through the middle of the lake,  we traveled through two states or our ride.  We started in South Lake Tahoe, CA where gambling is illegal.  Just down the street we crossed the state line into Nevada, land of many casinos.  At this light with their toes against the line are two huge casinos on either side of the street. followed by a string of smaller casinos.

Through the tunnel on our way out of town.

Up one mountain range

Mule crossing

We went over a mountain but ended up at the same elevation as Lake Tahoe! We took the historic Comstock Highway to Va City.

Main Street which is on the third street down.

We opted for the 20 min. tram tour which loads next to this historical bar.  It was called Bucket of Blood because of the nightly brawls.  When the swamper mopped up in the morning the water bucket looked like the one in the sign.

Inside is a far cry from 1876!

This guy will let you pay him to take your picture with him and will sell you a carrot for a dollar so that you can feed his burro.

View of the lowest street from the tram. See the wild horses behind the building. This is wild horse country. Click on the pic for a better look.

The first street is residential.  The second street is a mix of some residences and some businesses.  The courthouse and other city buildings are here also.

Another historic building.

I like to keep track of our elevation changes.  We love these mountain roller coaster rides.

As far as I can remember, this is the highest we've ever been.

This is the CA side of Tahoe with NV in the distance.

View of the marina.  You can't see the color change very well in this pic close to the shorelines the water is not blue but turquoise.  This is of great concern to lake watchers.  The lake just recently acquired this color and no one knows why.

We appreciate good yard art.

Our route.  Notice the state line through the lake.  

Next time we take another ride  in the mountains around Lake Tahoe.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

Great post. What a neat ride. I love the historic buildings.

There are tons of people in Mexico that charge for taking their picture with a striped mule. It is so obvious they painted the stripes on but they say no.....really?