Monday, August 18, 2014

Day two ride

Our second trip took us from South Lake Tahoe through the little historic town of Genoa.  We would have like to visit but our trip was long and the weather in the valley was very warm.

The weather up here was nice.  Genoa is somewhere below, but out of sight.

The white line is our road.

This town could be called Mayberry--very nice and worth a visit.

This is the Carson Valley.  The road through here was straight and flat with fields interrupted by large towns clustered together with lots of shopping and restaurants.

The road out of the valley was much more interesting.  This is Topaz Lake.

Porous rock formation

Not quite as high as yesterday.  I think those are Aspens in the background.

This is the steepest grade we've ever been on.

Carson River

Nice long sweeping curves.

We really enjoyed our two trips around Lake Tahoe and hope they inspire you to visit the area.

On to Utah!

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

What gorgeous country you two are in. We have never been in that area. Add it to the list.

Safe travels. We love Utah.