Friday, August 22, 2014

Dead horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park

Last night when I looked out the window it looked like snow on the mountain but it was just sun and shadow. 

This morning we were going to head south to the Needles area of Canyonlands but the neighbor changed my mind for me. He came over and ask me if I wanted a pass to Dead Horse Point State Park, heck yes. The pass saved me $10.00. So instead of heading south, we headed north. First stop was the state park. The park got it's name from back when the ranchers would round up wild horses and pen them up while they  separated out the ones they wanted. Seems after removing the good ones they forgot to go back and release the ones they didn't want. They all died before they got back. What a shame.

 We took the 4 mile hike stating at the visitors center on the east rim hiking around the point to the west rim.

 The Colorado River runs through the canyon.
 Louise pointing the way.
 One of many of the overlooks

 A picture through a window in the rocks
 The view from the point.

The canyon views of this canyon are some of  the best we have been to.

 After leaving Dead Horse we headed about 6 miles down the road to the Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands National Park.
The sky looked really crazy with dark clouds and streaks of rain. We put on our rain gear and headed down the road. I guess putting on our suits scared the rain away, we stayed dry all day. When we returned to the rv there was a puddle of water on  the bike cover.
Because of the dark skies, we didn't spend a lot of time here. We stopped at most of the overlooks but we didn't do any hiking here. We may return if we get the time. I think we are going to stay a while longer in this area because there is so much to see.

  This canyon area was not as impressive as the one at Dead Horse Point.

It was a lot different. Below you can see one of the storms. 

Lots of needles down there.

 The road home.
We may take the rock art tour tomorrow, not sure yet, We will make up our minds when we see what the weather is. They are calling for rain.
Til next time
Duane and Louise

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where's weaver said...

HAHAHA...that does look like snow.

We absolutely loved Dead Horse Point State Park. Just so much beauty in one place. You two need to take a few selfies so you can both be in the photo with the gorgeous landscape.

Enjoy whatever today brings.