Thursday, August 21, 2014


Yesterday the weather cooperated for a cool day of hiking.  There were huge clouds and a cool breeze so that we managed not to get overheated in the 80+ degree weather.  Today the temp was still in the 80's but the cloud cover was thin so that the sun shown through weakly.  The breeze was still cool, but not as constant so that we were hotter by the time we went home.

Today we headed off for the hike to Delicate Arch. The hike guide said it was 3 miles round trip with open slick rock and some exposure to heights. Needless to say that after my fall yesterday I was a little nervous when we started out. Right out of the parking lot was the original cabin of the Wolfe family. 

A half mile into the hike we hit the slick rock hill. The slope was steep but walk-able without any trouble except for getting out of breath with the climb.
The view from the top was very pretty.
Then came the exposure to heights! I looked at this trail and said WHAT. Actually the path was 6 feet wide and sloped toward the wall so it wasn't bad at all. I just stayed next to the wall most of the way up.
There was plenty of room to pass on the trail.

The storms of the last two evenings filled the cenotes or stone basins that are formed by erosion.  The one below is fairly large, like the one we had to circumvent yesterday.  Since I (Louise) am a Louis L'Amour fan, seeing the country he wrote about makes the stories more meaningful.

This little chipmunk was interested in Louise's walking stick
Another view of the trail
 When we rounded the corner at the top there she was. There were a lot of people up there taking pictures standing under the arch so a pic with no one it was impossible.This arch is right on the edge of the cliff and I was going no where near there. Time to go back down now.
On the way down we past this tree. There are a lot of these twisted and gnarled trees. 
We stopped to look at this Indian art on the way down.
Getting back on the bike we took several side trips to see what was out there.
See the windows in the rock walls?

Our last stop for the day Balanced Rock. This thing is huge. You have to wonder when it will tumble down.

Today was a short hike day compared to yesterday. We will rest up this afternoon and be ready for another big day tomorrow. We either head to Canyonlands or Dead Horse Point State Park, not sure right now. I survived the day without a hitch, even the not so narrow ledge.
Till tomorrow
Duane and Louise

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where's weaver said...

Glad to read you felt good enough to do the hike. There is so much beauty in that area. We loved every hike we did. All so different. Enjoy your stay. Where ever you go next, you won't go wrong.