Thursday, July 07, 2016

Goodby Montana

After icky weather kept the Eagle and the Spyder cooped up all day yesterday, the Eagle was screaming to be let out.  We hopped aboard and soared over the road.  The quiet but speedy Spyder would not be left behind.

 Our goal, as always, was the ride to exercise our pets.  We made three stops.  First was the town of Cut Bank.  

Since most of the main street was closed for paving, 

traffic was routed around the side.

We still managed to find our lunch stop.

Yep, inside it was just as small, but had good food.

The town got its name from the bank on which it sits, which is cut off from the far bank by a gully.  The story goes that originally the town sat on the other bank.  When the Blackfeet Reservation was mapped out, the town found itself on the wrong side of the creek.  It moved itself, buildings and all to its present location.

Looking at the eastern boundary of the Reservation.

Our other two stops were at these info boards.

On the return trip the Eagle had a little difficulty flying in cross winds; the Spyder, running along behind, had no problems.

Sated with their exercise, our pets submitted to their cages, ready for the long drive tomorrow.  We leave the US for three weeks as we tour Canada.  The blogs will not be daily during that time, but I hope to be able to send a few through.  

Keep checking!

Louise and Duane

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