Friday, July 01, 2016

Glacier National Park

Warning--there are a lot of pictures of beautiful scenery, but they show only a fraction of the excellence of Glacier National Park.  This one you must see for yourself!
Our route starts in the lower right hand corner of the map.  We took CR 49 through the squiggle, picked up US 89 and entered the park at St. Mary.

Two Medicine Lake

At the Visitors' Center we saw that we would be crossing the Continental Divide,

and about the shrinking glaciers and 

Going-To-The-Sun Road is one of the world's most spectacular highways.  Bisecting the heart of Glacier, the 50-mile-long road follows the shores of the parks two largest lakes and hugs the cliffs below the Continental Divide as it traverses Logan Pass.

St. Mary Lake is a deep glacial lake which filled the bottom of a large glacial valley.  The lake is 9.9 miles long and 300 feet  deep with a surface area of 3,923 acres.

Lunch at Rising Sun picnic area.  We had to sit in the sun away from the lake because a bear was in that vicinity. 

Glacier views

Two of the dozens of glacial melt waterfalls.

Beautiful clear St. Mary River.  Thiose four people in the water just jumped off at rock.  I'll bet they're freezing!

Lake McDonald, shorter than St. Mary.  This lake is 500' deep!

Bird Woman Falls--492 feet from a hanging valley (where a small mountain glacier joined a larger valley glacier).

Weeping Wall

Logan Pass sits on the Continental Divide at 6,646'.  Alpine meadows filled with wildflowers carped the hillsides.

The only wildlife we saw was this Columbian ground squirrel.

Snow skiing in shorts and a Tshirt.

Skiing, sliding, just walking around enjoying the snow in June.

Yes he really threw it.

On both sides of this snow patch were green grass and tons of flowers.  The skiers are to our left.

Leaving Logan Pass, headed back the way we came.

Tame life

The town of East Glacier Park is bisected by the railroad tracks.  This side caters to tourists with lots of eating places and a lodge and lots of cabins.  This is the first place we saw.

To get to the main town we went a bit further east and under the rr tracks.

Other stuff to do tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

Gorgeous photos. We have been to Glacier and probably never will. It looks amazing.