Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Road Well Traveled


Jasper’s Maligne  (Maleen) River road beckoned us today.  Before we reached the road we had to endure an hour south through the park on 93.  A tough job but somebody had to do it.  



We were very lucky spotting wildlife today.  It seems that the edges of the road were particularly alluring for a lot of animals today.  These Big Horn sheep ambled down the mountain,


across the road, and


on to the other side. 


The Maligne area road was fun with dips and rises and sweeping curves.


What do you see? 


Yup! Our first black bear!  I took these pix from the bike in case the bear decided to come our way.  What amazed me was that the woman above was holding a baby that close to a dangerous animal who can run faster than she can!


As with most animals, the best shot it gave us was its backside.


Maligne Lake was designed as a tourist attraction.  The main attraction is the boat tour of the lake, which makes this area very popular with tourists..


There are two buildings.  A tour ticket office, and this one—a combo gift shop washroom, and restaurant.  We ate lunch here and enjoyed the views of the lake. 


The lake is the end of the road, so we pointed the bikes back toward home.  There is beautiful scenery everywhere.


Rain can occur anywhere, any time.  The showers that we’ve encountered have been short since we usually ride into and out of them as they move across the road. It is not uncommon for us to ride from blue sky under a rain cloud and out into sunshine in a matter of minutes.  On our way home it rained on us three times.


Tectonic subduction formed a lot of this area.  That is where one plate moves under another lifting that side and forming mountains by tilting.  These layers were once the sediment layers of the ocean that covered this area millions of years ago.  This is their actual tilt.  The camera is straight.


What happens to Medicine Lake is also a result of this subduction.




Back on 93, the wildlife wasn’t done showing off.



and company.


Big Horn sheep on the mountain right off  the road,


and between the road and the Athabascan River.


A lone male elk.


I think all the Big Horn herds came out today.


We have passed this pull out many times.  This time our curiosity got the better of us.  All that is here is two info signs a pit toilet and a walking trail. 

Jasper National Park was named for Jasper Hawes.




One last look at sheep to round our our wonderful wildlife day.


What shall we do next?  Stop back and see.

Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

You sure did see the wildlife. I love big horn sheep. I love you just watching them navigate those rocky ledges. The bear is an added treat.

I never heard of a lake disappearing completely, and then returning in the spring. That is pretty interesting.

Love all your photos! Great job.