Sunday, July 03, 2016

Best Laid Plans....

Our plan today was to have lunch with the neighbors, then go our own ways for the afternoon.  Brock and Leola were thinking of riding back to  the Two Medicine area for some flower photos.  We were planning on going to the same area for a hike.  After lunch we plopped ourselves into their cushy chairs for a bit of a chat.  4 1/2 hours later we decided that it was a bit late for anything but supper.

To work up an appetite Duane and I took a stroll around East Glacier Park Village (pop 363). Located at the conjunction of US 2 and State Rd. 49, the village was and still is a tourist stop on the way to or from Glacier National Park.  From the entrance to the  rv park we turned left, walked a block to the school, turned right for a block then left to the main street.

Directly across the street is a large Hong Kong Harry's fireworks trailer.  We have been seeing these in every town but this is the biggest one.  We hear the results of their sales every night.

View of the street from Hong Kong Harry's.  Except for the gas station around the bend and a couple of businesses on side streets, these are all of the business in this section of town.  The rest of the town is residential.

To the left is HKH's This tunnel leads to the other section of town, with two restaurants, a golf course, and lots of cabins and a lodge. That section, about 1/2 mile north, is where Luna's is located. We had stopped there for supper on Thursday, after our ride through Glacier N.P.   The huckleberry pie we got there was very good, but we didn't think it was worth $5.50 for a 1/8 th slice.

Next to the tunnel is this sculpture and history display.

Next to it is a little yellow building with historic details of the town, and the railroad and the early exploration of the National Park.  I wondered where Camp Disappointment was.  Now I know.

Next to that is the rr passenger depot, still in operation.

Directly across the street we found the elusive restaurant we sought yesterday.

 Turning left at the Grill we walked to the corner, then left.

We walked two blocks down this street then turned right,

and ended up one block from the rv park.

 This little church is one of three in the Village.  I took this pic from in front of our rig (zoomed in just a tad).  

Duane is enjoying this scenery.

We promise that tomorrow we will get out of our chairs and onto the bikes, heading north east.


Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

That bridge looks low. Can a 5er go under it?

You are allowed to sit back and enjoy the good life at least once a week. Happy 4th of July!