Saturday, July 02, 2016

Down The Road and Around The Corner

We hopped the bikes and tootled four miles along CR 49 then turned west into Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park.  

Our river companion of the day was, of course, the Two Medicine.

It is impossible to look anywhere without seeing something wondrous.

Our lunch goal was the Two Medicine Grill, but we found this little corner of the gift shop.  We found out that there is no town of Two Medicine with a Grill, but that the restaurant of that name is actually in East Glacier Park Village.  This place suited our purpose.  

Two Medicine Lake is two miles long and 1/3 mile wide.  It was created for recreational purposes by damming the river.

View of kayakers below Rising Wolf Mountain.  This is a sacred place for the Blackfeet.  I could find no info as to why it is called Two Medicine.   Perhaps there is another 'sacred medicine' place nearby.  Just guessing.

The river rises in the National Park on the Continental Divide and runs across the Blackfeet Reservation to the Cut Bank River.

Crystal clear, shimmering in the sunlight.

Leola and Brock messing with my view of the scenery.

Duane in a moment of contemplation of 

this mountain.

To work off our Gouda soup (Brock and Leola) and buffalo sausages in flaky croissants (Duane and me),  we needed a hike.  This is actually a nice walk, 1/3 mile long and handicapped accessible, but we decided that it would do.

Running Eagle was quite the woman!

Wildflowers were everywhere.  

There are two falls here.  The lower one drops through the rock into the cave and gushes out from there.

There is a closer view across this footbridge and a short walk to a viewing platform.

We thought we add a little video to this one.

The water flows out of the pool, joins the stream we crossed via the footbridge, and runs on downstream,

keeping us company on our return journey.

What shall we do for fun tomorrow?

Louise and Duane

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