Sunday, July 12, 2015


After leaving New York we took a pleasant drive up the east bank of Lake Champlain in Vermont.  The rolling hills curved past dairy farms and hay fields and through numerous small villages and towns all the way to Burlington.  After settling in our spot at the local Elks' Club, we found our way to the home of my niece Christina for a visit and supper with the family.  We visited and chatted our way through a very pleasant evening before heading home.  Saturday am we found the local Pickleball game and played away the morning.  The rest of the day we did chores and rested.  Today we again met our family for a scenic drive. We went north on 128, then east on 104 to 108.  The purpose of this roundabout way was to experience the narrow snaky road through Smuggler's Notch a very short, narrow cut through the mountain top.

Forty shades of green

A little country store where we stopped for a leg-stretcher.  Notice the small Shell sign.  Dale told us that Vermonters don't like their scenery spoiled with lot of commercial signage and have very strict limits on the size and height of signs.

A rare corn field and a view of the Green Mountains.

View of the Lamoille River

A couple of the Stowe ski runs

Road up the mountain toward the Notch

Road down from the Notch.  The road is very narrow and lined on both sides by the cars of hikers of the many nearby trails.  The Notch itself was such a narrow, tight "s" turn that there was no time for a photo and no place to stop to take one!

We made three stops along our way.  The first was for a very pleasant lunch at a small reataurant.  The next was for Vermont maple syrup and maple sugar candy.  The third was for locally made chocolates-dark chocolate all around for us.  Next door we shopped for Vermont Cabot cheese.  After tasting several, I settled for a garlic herb cheddar.  Yum!!!

Our tour ended at Waterford and the Ben and Jerry's Factory.  Production wasn't running on Sunday so we opted to skip the tour and get right down to business.  L-r Christina's husband Dale, son Christopher, daughter Caitlin, Christina, Louise, Duane.  In answer to those who know me, yes I did get ice cream and yes I ate it all in honor of surviving Smugglers' Gap!

No trip to Ben and Jerry's factory would be complete without a trip to the graveyard.  These are a sample of the 2 dozen or so retired flavors.  

We finished our drive by jumping on I 89 for the short trip home.  Notice that even the interstate is scenic!

Famous Burlington outdoor art (whale tails)

After our wonder afternoon with our family we bid them good evening.  
Stay tuned for more Vermont!

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I wish more places would limit the sign sizes.
I would not have enjoyed that ride on that tight road. Too scary for me.
More memories with family. What fun! Keep on enjoying the ride.