Monday, July 27, 2015

Acadia National Park

Today was "day one" in Acadia National Park. We left the rv about 9 AM and returned at 5 PM. It's about 35 miles from the camp ground to the entrance of the park.  We drove into the park and headed up the road to Cadillac Mountain. When we got to the top all we saw was fog. The fog was so thick that we couldn't see more than 100 yards around. 

Off the mountain the fog was not as bad as continued down the road. We were planning on doing a complete circle of the park but came to realize that we were heading out of the park. We had missed a turn that would have taken on a one-way road that went down the  east side of the park.

This is the beach that we came out of the park to.

We checked the map, found where we had gone wrong and decide since we were already out of the park we would get a bite to eat before heading back in. A left turn at the beach took us to Bar Harbor. When we were planning our trip up everybody said you have to go to Bar Harbor. When we got into town it was SO BUSY and crowded that I couldn't find a place to park the bike. We decided this place was not for us so we headed on down the road.

We stopped at this small restaurant in Hulls Cove for lunch. As expected the prices were a little high but the food was good. Louise had a lobster roll and clam chowder. I had a prime rib sandwich. Louise said the lobster roll great. She shared the clam chowder with me and both said it was really good. My sandwich was good but not great. 

Our view while we ate. It was low tide.

After eating and filling the gas tank on the bike we headed back in the park. This time we found the right road. There are a number of these stone under passes. They are on the carriage road that runs through the park. 

The first road we had taken was all wooded and frankly a little disappointing to me. Not at all what I had expected.

A short way down the road and the views started to pop. This road runs right along the shore. This is what I thought Acadia was suppose to look like. 

We stopped at a lot of the overlooks and walked down to drop offs for a better look. 

All of these people are down the Thunder Hole.

The tide races into this narrow canyon, hit the back of the hole and crashes back out making a noise like a clap of thunder 

Really cool.

Love these views 

All and all we loved the park. Our plan is to visit a different part of the park tomorrow and return to this part to take some of the trails for a hike the next day.
Till next time
Duane and Louise


where's weaver said...

Once you reached the coast, it was lovely. Sort of reminds me of the Oregon coast. Enjoy.

Paul Weaver said...

Sorry you were fogged-in on the Mountain. Did you get the customary bumper sticker about climbing Cadillac Mountain....LOL The coast is beautiful for sure!