Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ride to Montpelier

Yesterday we hooked up and headed for our next stop. I wanted to position us so we could visit Montpelier, Vt. and also ride the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Just outside of the town of Concord, Vt is a Passport America rv park, Alpine Valley RV Park, that I chose for our stop.  The location is great for where we want to ride, but there is a down side. The ad said 20/30/50 amp hook-ups. There are no 50 amp here that we could find on our walk around the park. Second, they advertised cable tv.  There are hookups and after not being able to get any channels I walked to the office to see what might be wrong. The manager told me that it got too expensive so they canceled it about a year ago. I suggested that they update their ad. We get 4 PBS channels and ABC here. They do have swimming pool, laundry and a diner. We had planned to stay a week but will leave on Friday. 

Looking left

Looking behind

Looking right

The scenery in Vermont is beautiful.  The roads are seldom straight with lots of sweeps and lots of hills. You ride through forest, farm land and along streams and rivers. 

The views just keep coming 

and coming

Montpelier is about 45 miles from the rv park. The ride was very pleasant with very little traffic.

Montpelier is a city in Vermont that serves as the state capital and the shire town. As the capital of Vermont, Montpelier is the site of the Vermont State House, seat of the legislative branch of Vermont government. The population was 7,855 at the 2010 census. By population, it is the smallest state capital in the United States.
We stopped at the visitors' center that was across from the Capital building. The man in the center told us to park the bike there while we are walking around town. I never pass up free parking when all street parking in town is metered. 
It was a short walk down the street to where all the government offices were.

Capital building

Ethan Allen 

Main hall

Senate room

House chamber

There were a lot of plaques with sayings by famous and not so famous persons.

Leaving the capital building, we walked to the downtown area. I think there were more restaurants than any other kind of store. Being a little short of cash, translate cheap, we choose to eat at Subway. Heading on back to the bike we passed a chocolate factory, we had to stop in for dessert.

We got back to the bike and headed south.

The reason was to visit the local Harley store in S. Barre.

 Short stop and off again. 

On the way back we had to stop at this blacksmith shop. Sorry to say it was closed. I peeked in the windows and saw a number of forged items on the shelves and I could see all the equipment in the back room. Don't know if the shop is still active or closed up.

After a quick stop at the grocery, we raced home in a drizzling rain just making it before it really rained. The rain only lasted a short time and then the sun came back out.

Tomorrow, the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Til then
Duane and Louise

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

The campground looks very nice. I have found a ton of times that these places don't keep their websites up to date. Why they don't think that is important is beyond me. I rely on them to be telling me the truth.

Your ride looks lovely. I do want to visit this capitol. Added to Pinterest. Enjoy!