Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cole Transportation Museum

With rain in the forcast we postponed our return visit to Acadia National Park.  We opted to visit the Land Trasport Museum in Bangor (pronounced Ban gor by the locals).
The Museum was established to collect, preserve and display a cross section of Maine's land transportation equipment from which this and future generations will gain knowledge of the past.

There were about a dozen fire trucks

This blacksmith shop was part of the Maine Central RR building.

Next on Duane's wish list

Anything that had wheels or tracks and could transport anything on land was represented, from small toys, rideable toys, and serious transport.

Caboose of a four car train

Enfield RR station

While we were in the museum the rain caught up to us and moved on.  We completed our afternoon ride with a visit to the local H-D boutique.  Duane was just saying that he found it hard to believe that he hadn't found a T-shirt with a lobster riding a Harley.  We walked in this store and there it was!  

Our rainy day touring complete, we headed home.  Next--part two of Acadia.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great way to spend a rainy day.

Hey....where is the photo of Duane and the t-shirt?