Monday, July 07, 2014

Painted Cave ride

Since our neighbors are frequent visitors here we let them lead us into parts unknown (to us, at least)  One day we took a ride up the mountain to find Painted Cave National Monument.  As we rode higher we literally ran into clouds.  I think this is what is known as The Marine Layer, a phenomenon caused by the proximity of the ocean.  

We continued upward until we literally came out on top of the clouds!

On one side, clear

on the other side the clouds we rode through.

The road continued upward, but Bill informed us that we had missed a turn.  Back down we went.

We passed a yucca in bloom (they grow them big out here),

and a couple of riders.

Did you ever see a bluer sky?

Down we went (we are riding, following Bill and Diane!)

found our turn off and found our goal.

This is a very small monument, consisting of a short climbing trail and one cave with a painted ceiling protected by a locked gate.

The two holes allowed camera positioning.  The paintings were worth the ride.

We decided to continue riding in the same direction.  The road took us to Goleta, which was socked by the marine layer.

Below is CH 101, which we crossed to continue our route.

A lower level view of Goleta.

All of the mountains are dotted with little valleys of rolling hills.  A lot of these are planted with trees and or grapevines.

From Goleta we took the San Marcos Road back to the campground.  I didn't take any pix of it except this one of it hiding in the marine layer.  Duane wanted some of the ride up so I obliged,  but that is another ride.

Later dudes and dudettes,

Louise and Duane

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Paul Weaver said...

Looks like a neat ride except for the fog....gotta love the coast!

The cave paintings are amazing. It's a wonder they survived long enough for someone to install the locked gates. Very interesting.