Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Motorcycle Museum

We had two other nice visits with our relatives before we left Rancho Oso.  On Friday  Tim and Carolyn drove to our house. The last time they visited we had the motor home.  This time they wanted to see our 5th wheel. They arrived about 1pm and after the tour (2 minutes!), we all sat down for a good long chat. We got so engrossed that before we were aware, the sun had set and it was 8 pm!!!!  We drove separately into the town of Santa Ynez (close to Solvang) to find chow.  We found a little restaurant called  The Vineyard and stopped there because of the late hour.  We ordered pizza and ate in style.  This was a classy Italian place with inside and outside seating, linen table cloths and napkins, and subdued lighting which made the tiny print of the big prices hard to read.  You know the kind of place.  Our twelve inch pizza were $15, but we enjoyed them. They were good and so was the company.  We parted ways there after making plans to meet in Solvang on Sunday afternoon.  We noticed an uptick in traffic but thought of it as weekend travelers.  Tim and Carolyn later told us that they got stuck in post fireworks traffic (how could we forget our nation's birthday?) and were delayed for 2 hours.  

The following Sunday we hopped the bike for Solvang.  On the way we stopped at the overview for Lake Cachuma.  The drought had just about emptied the lake--the light part is the water line.  What you don't see is that the lake bed extending to the right for about a mile has been dry for so long that it looks like the valley floor.

Notwithstanding our photo stop, we arrived on time at the Solvang Motorcycle Museum.

We girls enjoyed looking over the history of motorcycles and at the amazing variety of bikes.  The guys took much longer to discuss various motors and changes in bikes over the years.

Back on the street we decided  it was hot and that we needed ice cream.  This required a stroll up the street and back.  I, of course was not quite done (holding the end of my cone) when Duane called for final fotos.

 Tim was hugging me here trying to prevent me from giving him bunny ears.

In case you were wondering, Tim used to be 2 inches taller and is 5 years older.

We really enjoyed our visit to Rancho Oso thanks to our new friends Diane and Bill and to my wonderful brother (now that I don't have to live with him anymore) and sister-in-law.

Time to move on.

Louise and Duane

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

You two must really be moving up in the world. You are now going to "classy" places. Hope you will associate with us "nonclassy" people...hehe

I bet you two were in motorcycle heaven when you were visiting that museum. Looks like a pretty cool place actually.

Glad you had such a wonderful visit with your friends and brother. Stay safe.