Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our new home for 2 weeks and our ride to Los Padres National Forest

On Monday the 23rd, we headed north to the Rancho Oso Thousand Trails rv park. The drive to the park was an adventure in itself. We had to drive around LA.!!! The traffic was horrific for the first 125 miles. Let me tell you it's hard to find a place to pull over to use the restroom with 5 lanes of traffic going 60 miles per hour when you have no idea what the exits hold. There were no truck stops along our route. The next 50 miles was relaxing with little traffic. The next 25 miles was up, up and down and around curve after curve. The last couple of miles to the park was like none other that we have had in almost 8 years on the road. There were 3 curves that had mirrors on them so you see if anyone was coming the other way. I have no idea what you were suppose to do if there was someone coming. The road is very narrow with just enough (maybe) room to pass. Once in the park it is quite nice. The sites are roomy with plenty of room to get a large trailer backed in.
Our site for the next 2 weeks
The view out my window

  They have a tennis/pickleball court, shuffle board, a pool table, card room and miniature golf.
 One of 2 pools.

We got all set up and took a walk around the park to see what was here. When we returned to the rv our neighbors had returned on their motorcycle. How's that for good luck--another couple that rides right next door. We visited with them for over a hour and decided to take a ride the next day. Bill and Diane have been to this park several times and knew of a lot of good roads to ride.

Heading out for the day with Bill (and Diane) leading the way.

A look back to the park

The first road we took was horse farms and vineyards
We stopped in Solvang Ca. for lunch. Solvang is a Dutch town with lots of shops. We will have to return to spend more time here. Looks like a lot to see here.
 After leaving the town, we headed a little north for the Los Padres National Forest.  

The road  started to climb
The scenery was great. 
 It's getting real curvy

and curvier  
 We have ridden the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee and let me tell you that the Dragon is a punk compared to the road we were on. There many horseshoe turns with a steep upward grade. We rode about 10 miles up to an overlook and I don't think there was a straight piece of road the whole way up. What a road!!

We have reached the overlook. This is not the top of the mountain, but as far up as we went.  That is a ranch below.

 On the way way down these 2 mule deer ran across the road in front of Bill. Look real close and you will see them.
 Here's one of the tight turns. Notice no guard rails here.
On the way back we stopped to check out a stagecoach stop that is now a restaurant. We plan to return there for lunch. 

We drove over this bridge to get to the stage stop and under to get back to the rv park.
 The neat little way Diane mounted their bike.

So ended our first full day at Rancho Oso. We plan on taking more rides with our new friends in the week to come. Thursday we will ride to Lompoc, Ca. to visit with Louise's bother Tim.

Till next time
Duane and Louise


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Now isn't that so nice to have neighbors that can show you around.

I hate roads like that. Paul took the truck on one of them when we were in Mexican Hat, UT. I was not a happy camper that day. I told him, next time he could go by himself. No guard rail does not appeal to me at all! On a bike, I would have been terrified!

Lady Dyna Ryder said...

Gorgeous scenery! Love the leg lift for getting on the bike.