Friday, December 09, 2016

Two Words

Laundry and Christmas shopping filled the hours of our day, but we had to get them done—and we did.  In the evening Duane took a nap before bed.  I worked on my project.

My problem was that my pieces of fabric weren’t long enough and I needed to intersperse them somehow. 


I tried two long pieces of red and three short light ones (one on each end and one in the middle)  but it didn’t work.  I finally settled on two red, one light, all the same length.  The result is a two sided mantle cover.  My mantle is tiny.  The one this will fit is three times the length so that the red will hang down about a foot on either side.  I meant to have it hang over the front edge, which is another problem.  This is not finished.  I may put another piece on it to make it hang down in front.  Meantime, this is what has been giving me so much trouble.


The weather is getting warmer now and next week is supposed to be beautiful riding weather.  We still have to hike to the top of Vulture Mountain, and we are planning a return trip to the Robson Mine before we move down into the Valley to Tonopah.  Time’s awastin’!

Louise and Duane

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