Tuesday, December 20, 2016



In the last blog I said that we were planning a ride to Bagdad today.  As it happened, Jan (below right) had to stay home for a repairman, and I thought the weather was too chilly for mountain riding.  The ride turned into guys day out with Smiley (below left), Doug, Doug’s visiting brother David, Mark (a resident at North Ranch) and Duane enjoying their bike ride and manly man lunch in the diner pictured below.  Later Duane and I enjoyed Doug and Jan’s hospitality and cooking for supper in their new house.



We first met Jan and Doug in North Ranch (Congress, AZ) RV Park.  They lived in their motor home while they waited to close on their new house and for the former owner to vacate so that they could move in. 


They moved from their little motor home into this spacious corner property in Congress.  The house has three bedrooms, two baths, and an open living room, kitchen, dining room.  Doug has an attached two car garage and a detached two car garage (left) to play in.  I was going to take more pix but got to jawing and forgot.  After 4 swift hours of yacking and chowing down, we headed back home.


In another earlier post  I introduced Duane’s latest carving—pickleball man.  He started with a pencil sketch, transferred it to wood, cut it out on a borrowed saw, and started the rough-out.


The finished product.  He is holding a pickleball paddle turned edgewise.  It will be presented to the guy it was modeled after tomorrow—maybe.  We think he’ll like it.


Since tomorrow is the last nice day for about a week (we may be in the desert, but it does get cold and wet here) we are meeting friends Brock and Leola for a bike tour of the Cave Creek area.

Y’all come back.

Louise and Duane

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