Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Robsons Rerun

Our friends Brock and Leola turned up on our doorstep here in North Ranch (Escapees) RV Park just outside Congress, AZ.  We had told them of our trip to Robson’s Mining World (see Robson’s Mine blog)  and they were very happy to make an hour’s ride on their Spyder from their rv park north east of Phoenix to join us for a return trip.  As I explained before, the “town” is a collection of buildings from various areas and time periods.  It was once used as a vacation getaway, and a wedding venue until the hotel burned to the ground.  The collection of artifacts is also very diverse and from different time periods.  Some of the buildings were used, some were moved here with the idea of someday making the place into a living history village, set up,  and never used.


While everyone else was touring the blacksmith shop I climbed a little rocky hill that thrust itself up in the middle of the town.  The views below are sequential, counterclockwise from south east to north and ending in the south west.

The road comes in from the south.  Below is one of the residences, the Opera House and the Ice Cream Parlor.


The next two pix show the Gold Leaf Saloon /restaurant, the mercantile, the barber shop/assay office, the Hillside Press newspaper office, and the generating plant.



A row of buildings starting with the blacksmith shop, then the machine shop, and the cook shack (also used as a residence.)


On the right is the foundation of the hotel (all that the fire left of the three story building).  In the middle is Litsch’s boarding house (another residence at one time), and the chapel on the left.  To the right of the hotel is the path to the original mine.


A work shed


and more western view.


More of our visit tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

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