Friday, October 14, 2016

Geeze, Louise!

  That’s probably what you are saying right about now, because I have another blog with no pix and nothing to report.  Tomorrow I promise to do better.  I did lay out my afghan again today and decided that I need to make 8 more blocks before I’m ready to sew everything on.  Duane has been working hard also, and has 8 of his 13 ornaments roughed out.  He will get the other 5 done, then fine carve them, and detail them with paint.  This afternoon we had three other people come to play the beginner/intermediate, just-for-fun pickleball games, then it was supper and back to work.

Tomorrow will be another work day, but I will have some pictures.

Check back again.

Louise and Duane 

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where's weaver said...

Take a week off of blogging. We do.