Friday, October 07, 2016


North Ranch (Escapees) RV Park is our new home for the next couple of three months, but for a change, we’re not work camping.  When we reacquainted ourselves with the park, we noticed that things were basically the same, but some nice improvements had been added.  Inside the clubhouse are the office, laundry, restrooms/showers,  two large activity rooms, a card room and a kitchen.  In the restrooms are new counters, sinks, and toilets, and a door has been added between the restrooms and showers.  Very nice!

The clubhouse has a nice wrap-around porch.


One of the activity rooms.  This one has the tv, library, and puzzle table.


The other large activity area.  Each quilt square on the walls was individually designed by the original lot owners in the housing area attached to the rv park.


Park of the porch—doors on the left access the kitchen, showers, and laundry.  (There is another laundry in the large activity center, but I forgot to take a picture of that.)


Across from the clubhouse is the propane tank, dump station, “green space” and dog run way over in the corner.


Another nice improvement is a recycling bin for cardboard, glass and plastic and tin cans, added to the existing newspaper and aluminum can bins.


To the right of the space is a dog walk, although dogs can be walked anywhere within the park or housing area.


This guy/gal ran across the path in front of me, then paused for a photo shoot.


Standing in the street  just down from the clubhouse, to the left and right are the rv park.


Behind the clubhouse—to the far left is dry camping.  The building at the far end is the indoor pickleball court.


A road into the permanent residents’ area.  These lots are privately owned.  Owners put up a house or park model or live in their rv’s.


Residents take care of their own landscaping, but the rv park is maintained by its staff.  They have done a wonderful job of cleaning out the weeds, adding gravel, and making the park beautiful.


Our site takes advantage of the shade from this large Mesquite tree.  Here we had another aha moment.  We washed the travel dirt from 8 states and two Canadian provinces from our rig.  We discovered that our rig is gray and our truck is not—it is white!


We are all alone in the lot farthest from the clubhouse.  Views from our living room—the desert and the Weaver Mountains. 


A lot for sale across the street.  Methuselah, a 500 year old saguaro cactus is still standing in the Cactus Garden. 


One entrance to the Cactus Garden.  The lot owners do a good job of maintaining this beautiful, restful space.


Beautiful park, beautiful sunset.


Our only definite plans for our stay here are to work on making stuff for Christmas presents.  Duane is making this year’s ornament for the grandkids, I am going to be making a Christmas tree skirt among other things.  There are lots of nice motorcycle rides to be taken too.

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Louise and Duane

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where's weaver said...

The one activity room looks very different than when we were there several years ago.
I wish everybpark would recycle!
Let the crafting begin