Monday, October 28, 2013

Scrimpin' with friends and turtle viewing

After we discovered friends Ken and Bonnie from PA were visiting the RV park, we had to walk over for a visit.  In the course of our conversation we mentioned shrimping.  They were eager to learn something new, so we took them out one sunny but chilly day.  As Ken got the hang of the net and the tide receded more, there were more shrimp in the net.  He had a ball and we each ended up with a quart bag of shrimp! 

Bonnie, who doesn't like fish, gamely pinched off heads and threw them to the shore birds.  Duane taught Ken to split shells and devien.

Ken hitting his stride, Bonnie glad she doesn't have to do it!

Another day last week we visited the Sea turtle center with friends and neighbors Brock and Leola.

The building housing the gift shop and displays was the former power plant for the millionaire's getaway "cottages" on the island.

Display in the gift shop.

This guy would fit inside the skull of the one above.

The center was full of informative interactive displays.  After viewing the displays we went next door to the rehab center.  These turtles will not be released because  their injuries make them vulnerable to predators.  The one on the right is missing part of a front flipper.  The one on the bottom has paralyzed back flippers.  Others will recover and be returned to the sea. 

The Sea Turtle Center was a fun way to spend an afternoon.  We recommend it to anyone visiting Jekyll Island.

Next up, Okefenokee Swamp.

Louise and Duane


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Shrimp are so ugly but sooooo good tasting.

I never realized there were so many rehab center for animals. We visited one back in Ohio. How awesome.

Ken and Bonnie said...

Hi Duane and Louise,
Thanks for the great time in Jekyll . I loved the area and the time we spent together. My feet still have raw spots reminding me of the great time I had shrimping. I would do it again in a flash. Take care and look forward to seeing you at Bushnell.
Ken and Bonnie