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Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and Little St. Simons Island are found amid the clusters of barrier islands that hug  Georgia's historic Atlantic coastline.  These four islands along with the mainland Brunswick, are known ccollectively as Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia.  Barrier islands, separated from the mainland by salt marshes, tidal rivers and sounds, are both dynamic ecosystems and mainland's natural shields against hurricanes and ocean storms.  

Welcome to our new home in Jekyll Island RV Park on the north end of the island.  We are on the right of friends Brock and Leola Inglehart.  The space in front of the picnic table forms a triangle with a communal space in the middle of the triangle.  There are lots of things to do here on Jekyll Island:  visit the Island History Center, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, or the many historical sites, play golf or tennis, play at the beach, view the wildlife.  The island is accessed by a pay bridge.  $6 ($10 for large vehicles) gets you access for the day.  Visitors can also get weekly or annual passes.

Foliage on the other side gives us a bit of privacy.

Monthly people rate a sign with their home state and names.

One day Brock and Leola and Duane and I took their truck to Jacksonville, FL.  We crossed this bridge, a twin to the one outside Savannah and the one to St. Simons Island except that the bridge to Jacksonville had bowtie crossbars.

Brock and Leola are interested in trading their Honda Goldwing for a CanAm Spyder.

While they did their test ride, we walked a block to the HD store for a look around.

We take a walk every day.  One day we spotted this huge red tailed hawk.  It was as big as a great horned owl!

Outside our house and at several other locations we spotted this large spider.  It is every bit as big as the garden spiders in Ohio.  A maintenance worker told us that this spider spits.  All I know is that it makes huge webs that are very closely woven. 

On our walks we often walk to the covered pier.  Lots of people fish from here every day.

From the pier we can see the St. Simons lighthouse.

One day Brock and Leola and Duane and I hopped our motorcycles and rode to St. Simons.  Our touring is limited because the historic sites maintained by the National Parks System are closed.  We strolled around this area taking photos and reading infoboards.

We watched this shrimp boat trolling just off shore.

After friends Wallace and Wanda, Wayne and Diane, and Molly and Bob arrived we went to one of the beaches to seine for shrimp.  

Dolphins come in close looking for an opportunity to snatch shrimp from the nets.  They can actually rip holes in the nets, so two people move with the net and other people splash behind to discourage the dolphins.
 Duane and Brock
One of the dolphins grabbed our net and about pulled it out of our hands ripping a big hole in it. 

Shrimp and a small crab in the net.  Small fish, crabs, jellies, squid, puffer fish and other things sometimes get netted.

These dolphins are moving closer.

 Duane and Brock mending their net.

We will be doing more shrimping, touring, and visiting during our month long stay on Jekyll Island, so stay tuned!

Louise and Duane


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We have never visited these Island. Looks like a wonderful place to call "home" for awhile.

What a nice big group you have to share so many fun times.

Hope the shrimp and crabs are good eating.

The Bright's said...

Looks like a wonderful place and a great time!