Friday, August 28, 2015


Since we have been in New Jersey we have been trying to connect with our friend Jody for a day of visiting and touring.  We were finally able to meet at Tuckerton Seaport, a small town just north of our location at Port Republic.  

The visitors' center/museum is the entrance to the buildings of the seaport.  The complex was assembled to highlight the rich natural resources of the Barnegat Bay estuary and its influences on the regional design and cultural heritage.  In the museum we learned about the importance of the  Barnegat Bay area, and the Pinelands, Great Bay, Barrier Ialand and open ocean ecosystems.  Tuckerton Seaport's local wildlife features four habitats--woods, wetlands, bay and ocean.

Jody and I are pirates at heart

mud flats, an important part of the ecosystem

Carver in the decoy carving shop  Duck hunting was key in this area

Tucker's Island hotel was blown away in a storm and the island followed suit not long after.

Carving of the infamous Jersey Devil

Lifesaving boat could hold 16 people.  A line was attached from the wrecked ship to the shore then the boat slipped along the line until all passengers were rescued.

 View of the complex from atop the lighthouse.  The whole 40 acre area encompasses a salt marsh, walking trail through woods, and 23 buildings housing several businesses, one restaurant, a boat ride along the creek, and the museum.  Each building on the site highlights a different aspect of the history, folklife and industry of the region.

Lighthouse the view above was taken from the right side of the tower balcony.

For lunch we skipped the restaurant and walked down the street to a Stewart's Rootbeer stand for real Jersey food.  Jody, a New Jersey girl, said I should get crab cakes.   Pretty good!

 After a fun visit we had to part company.  On the way home we passed wall around a private residence.  The whole top of the wall and most of the front of it was adorned with a weird eclectic mix of decorations.

At places there was a large animal behind the wall and a row of smaller versions of the same animal in front of it.  Here are elephants.  There were also giraffes, dinosaurs, and dragons.

Three gates sported soldiers of various time periods, plus whatever else the owners decided to put there.

A transformer and two religious statues framed by cannons

Interesting 400' wall
The Tuckerton Seaport was touted as an open air maritime village, but in our opinion it didn't quite measure up to the hype.  The whole place had a rundown, unused look and several of the exhibits were "temporarily closed due to Superstorm Sandy".  The museum was good, as was the lighthouse, but the whole place needs redoing.  In spite of this we had a good time with Jody and are looking forward to our next visit with her.  

The rest of our time here (three days) we plan to do a few chores and relax--unless, of course, we get bored and take another ride!

Louise and Duane  

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where's weaver said...

I have never heard of the Jersey Devil. Must be a local thing.

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