Friday, April 18, 2014

Wikieup lunch run

Thursday, we decided to head up to Wikieup, Az. for lunch. Well, that and we just wanted somewhere to ride. We had been told by several people that the Dazzo's Chicago Style Eatery has really good sandwiches, but again, it was the ride that we were after. We are always amazed at the rapid change of scenery around the area we are in.  To get to Wikieup we took the long way. First we headed up the mountain and part way through  Peeples Valley turning off at Kirkland Junction on to Rte 96. We had been on this road before when we went to Bagdad. As you drive along this road the land turns from grassy fields to valleys to rocks to canyons.
If you look closely at this picture you can the lead car crossing the centerline of the road on this curve. You really have watch for this especially on the bike

Distant butte
 hills of outcroppings

 Really BIG rocks.. do you see the duck?

 There seems to be a cattle guard every couple of miles along this route. Some of them can be a little rough riding over. Louise and I have worked out a signal for when I see a bump coming, I reach back and tap her left leg. This is the warning to get ready for a jolt. For those that don't ride, our bike is pretty stiff in the shock department and you can get a pretty bad jolt if your not ready for it. 
The road curves around and up and down making it not not only scenic but fun to ride. There are some 30 mph curves and you pass through several canyons. We turned off 96 and onto 97 heading toward the junction of 93. Boy, there sure are a lot of 90's here.
 93 is the main road between Wickenburg and Kingman. This is goes from 2 lane to 4 lane and back again. The traffic is always pretty heavy along this route mainly because it leads to Vegas. 
 Another 30 miles found us in Wikieup. We had travele 105 miles to get there.  We took the direct route home.  When I checked the gps when we got home it was 68 miles. As I said "it's not the destination, it's the ride"
 The town is the only stop between Wickenburg and Kingman for food and fuel.

Yep, this is pretty much the whole town.
 Our destination.
 I thought the sign was pretty funny, at least if you didn't have to go.  It was no joke. There was a sign and a donation jar at the restroom entrance for non buyers.

The store and diner
 I got an Italian beef sandwich and Louise got the Vienna hot dog. The beef sandwich was huge and very good. Louise said her dog was really good too. 
 I fueled up the bike for the ride home. I didn't need to, just did. I didn't pay any attention to the pump price when I fill up. Boy was I glad I was riding a bike with a small tank. $4.699 a gallon. Did I say this was the only place to get fuel along this road. Sure glad it only took 2 gallons.
The ride back was mostly 4 lane
93 is also known as Arizona's Joshua Tree Forest Highway. There is a stretch of about 10 miles that is a large Joshua Tree stand. I have read that there are more Joshua trees here than in Joshua Tree National Park.

Palo verde trees in bloom--gorgeous!
We had left home about 10 in the morning and got back home about 3:30. Great ride, great lunch and a great gal to share it with.
Where to next? I don't know yet.
Till next time
Duane and Louise

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where's weaver said...

What a gorgeous day for a ride. Glad the food was good.

That is such a gorgeous area. Glad you got a good ride in.