Wednesday, December 04, 2013

More trouble

We have fallen behind again. Our last blog ended with us heading to Escapees Plantation park in Alabama. We arrived there without any difficulty.  We visited with friends Chris and Jim Machett, I played pool and Louise played dominoes. As always we had a good time there. We had decided to stay the weekend and head on to Texas Monday. We should have left on the Thursday before.We were not on the road long before we ran into rain. I hate driving in the rain. We got to Seminary, MS, stopped at a light, WHAM!!! hit from behind. I have no idea how anyone could  miss seeing a trailer the size of ours sitting still, but she did. Her car was a total mess. They took the girl that was driving the car to the hospital. I was told later that she was treated and release that night. We were not injured at all. I can't say the same for the trailer. 

 We have a goose neck adapter on the kingpin. The force of the hit bent the kingpin plate.

One of the hinges that broke out. There are several broke.

 The bar with all the springs and the plate they attach to are bent in

The stabilizer jack is really bent up
This is a pic of the underside. You are looking at the bottom of the under belly tool boxes all caved in with broken welds.
I took the trailer to the repair center in Tyler, TX on Monday. I will call them tomorrow to see if they can give me a clue as to how long it is going to take to fix it. They were going to put it on a frame machine today to check to see if the frame is bent. We are hoping they can get it fixed in a couple of weeks, we shall see.

I took the truck in on Tuesday to get the heater fixed. The drivers side had no heat. I was told that an electrical part was bad. They said that the dash has to come out to get to it, a ten hour job and $1100.00. I have an extended warranty so a call was place to them. They told the dealer to wait to work on it till they could send a man out to look at it. He showed up today and tried to say because the truck is F450 that it was commercial and they don't cover commercial. Now 2 years ago when I bought the truck the fact that it was a F450 didn't stop them from selling me the extended coverage. They called me and ask what I pulled with the truck. He said you have a ball in the bed. I said yes to pull my rv with. The tripod stabilizer was in the bed of the truck and he wanted to know what I used that for. After 10 minutes of questions they agreed to pay for the repairs. We should get it back late tomorrow. We were suppose to go to son Duane's house in Van Alstyne, TX on Monday the 2nd but that had to be put off a bit. 

We sure hope that the trailer is fixed soon, we miss our home. We are able to stay at the homes of our kids for a while but don't want to outstay our welcome.
We also hope that our trouble is over for a while, I'm getting a little tired of 

Pics from Thanksgiving with the kids coming up next
Duane and Louise


where's weaver said...

Sorry, I am a view days behind reading my blogs.
So sorry to read this blog. What the heck was the girl doing? How could she not possibly see that huge thing? So glad you to have a place to stay.
Aren't insurance companies a hoot! Glad they finally agreed to do what they should have done in the first place.
I think 2014 is going to be your year! It has to be much better than this past year.

The Bright's said...

Wow... We're sorry to hear this. We're really sorry that we haven't bothered to read blogs until now! What is the latest?? Are you back in your trailer? Where you at?