Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bushnell, Florida

After our stay on Jekyll Island in Georgia, it was off to Florida for a doctor stop to renew our meds. The day after we got here, I went out to go to the store in the truck, dead battery !! I put the charger on, got it going and headed to the Advanced Auto store to have the batteries checked. Ended up replacing both batteries.

When we got here I contacted a rv service man that does a lot of work in the Sumter Oaks RV Park we are staying in. We have been having a lot of trouble with the main slide. We have had it two other repair places look at it with different ideas on what needed done to it. Vern Penner, the rv tech on wheels, found two teeth broken on the main drive. I also had found some separation  in the flooring of 2 of the slides. Vern came up with a way to keep the floor from separating any more and ordered a new gear for the drive. I wish I had taken pictures of the before, but didn't think of it until the job was done. The manufacture had put end caps on the bottom of the slides that did not wrap around under the slide. What was happening was the water, during a rain, would run down the side of the slide and under it onto the plywood flooring causing it to separate. We put aluminum angle iron on the edges and sealed it. Now the water will run off before it gets to the wood. We installed the new gear on the drive and aligned the slide. It now runs in and out like it is suppose to. We hope that this fix will be the end of our trouble with this slide....we shall see.

Next problem..... We have been having a problem our 12 volt system that runs all the lights in the house. I thought it was the converter/charger but was going to wait to fix it till we got to Texas. Guess what.... it quit working last evening. I called all over this area and along our path of travel for a replacement, no go. Called Tampa Campers World, they could have one in late today. I guess we stay here a couple more days as we don't travel on the weekends unless we have to. So.... the bank account is whole lot smaller then it was.

Now for the good things we have been doing. We have a lot of friends staying here. Louise has been playing cards almost every day and I have been playing pool almost every night. Three mornings a week we ride the bike to Leesburg to play pickleball. Last Sunday, we rode the bike with friends, Paul and Sharon, to Sleepy Hollow Bar and Grill for a $6.00 rib dinner. We have really enjoyed our stay here, except for all the repairs we had to do. As they say" such is life".

We hope to be in Kilgore, TX by Thursday next week.

Oh, the doctor visit went well, all is good.

Till next time
Duane and Louise


where's weaver said...

Oh dear, when it rains it pours. So sorry to read all about these repairs. So glad you are in an area where you can find help.

Sounds like the stay hasn't been all work. Sounds like a lot of play is going on too!

The Bright's said...

Sorry to hear the 5er has been ailing... but glad to hear you are doing well.
We've had our issues with the 5er and the truck over the last few months too... and it is draining on our bank account as well.
It sounds like you wont have much time when you come through here, but if you would like to stop long enough for lunch together, let us know.

Ken and Bonnie said...

Sounds like some very challenging times. Trust the slide issue is fixed. Glad the medical tests came back well. Sounds like you made the best of your time in was great seeing you there. Yes, we are very excited for the new motor home. It will be VERY difficult to leave it here for 2 months before we get to use it. We are just trying to figure out the next chapter in our life..I think 2014 should give us some direction. All the best in your travels to Texas. Ken and Bonnie