Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Nothing Doing

A beautiful day for just about anything.  Duane rode the bike on an errand this morning and we walked around the rv park this afternoon.  

Back to the pickleball courts tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My New Puppy

At the Glass Center in Tyler we play pickleball with a few students from one of the local colleges.  One of these students is Rudy,  here in the red sweatshirt.  Rudy bounces all over the court with the unbounded happy energy of a puppy.  
Rudy is very quick at figuring out where the ball is going and putting himself there, then getting back to where it will be next.  His speed and dexterity amaze me.

I like watching and playing with Rudy.  He makes the game fun.

Too windy to fly but still beautiful today.

Louise and Duane

Monday, April 16, 2018


The Eagle screamed and away we flew through a perfect spring afternoon in the Piney Woods of East Texas.  Part of the ride was a test for our new motorcycle GPS unit.  The screen passed the visibility test with flying colors.  The rest of the ride we just enjoyed the scenery.

A great treat for the 4th day of my birthday 2 weeks.

Perfect day, perfect flight.

Louise and Duane

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Celebrate Good Times!

My fun choice for day 3 of my birthday two weeks:  Sunday breakfast with the family, of course.

As of now we have one more weekend planned at this rv park in Tyler.  We are waiting for our new glasses and I need one more test which hasn't been scheduled yet, but we think we will be ready to move on within the next two weeks.

Let's see, what's fun to do tomorrow?

Louise and Duane

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lucky Number

With my birthday falling on Friday 13, and two 13 year-old grandkids, this year I decided to celebrate my birthday for 13 full days.  Today, day 2, we played pickleball for three hours this morning.  After that we drove out of our way to visit Burger King for lunch.  That way I didn't have to cook. 

It was a great plan and worked well.

Louise and Duane

Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Birthday To Me!

Whenever my birthday comes around while we're visiting any of our kids, I always say that it's my birthday and I expect a big 'do'.  Then I wait to see what happens.  This time son Jeremy, daughter-in-law Jennifer, and grandkids Allie and Luke rose to the challenge.  For dinner there were pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and green beans.

Allie whipped up a super duper double decker  chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 

and Luke found some flattering candles.  Today I'm 34 years old!

Allie relaxed after her labors.  It tickles me how these long limbed rangy kids can fold themselves into small bundles

For fun we opened the presents sent from my sisters in Ohio.

Luke kindly offered to wear the button for me.

 Allie and Jeremy rode the big rooster--

This was hysterically funny to watch!

We topped off the evening with an excellent game of Ticket To Ride.  Allie couldn't sit still when she got close to winning. 

Added to all of this fun, telephone calls from the other kids throughout the day made for a very fun birthday for me.  I can hardly wait to see what happens next year!

Rain today, sunshine tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy Days

Tomorrow is my birthday (I actually was born on Friday the 13th), but because bad weather is in the forecast I decided to start my week-long celebration today.  We played pickleball this morning, then opened all of the doors and windows and lounged around inside all afternoon while the sun streamed cheerfully through high thin clouds and a strong, gusty wind cooled the house.  I decided to save the laundry for tomorrow when rain is in the forecast. 

Our last doctor visit is tomorrow.

Louise and Duane