Thursday, September 20, 2018


Well, maybe not a deluge, maybe more like a couple of sprinkles, but for this area it was very welcomed.  This was our morning sprinkle.  The afternoon brought a real shower.  The rest of the day was just damp—87% humidity.



Enough excitement for one day!

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Next Door

Every time we come here I like to visit the ghost housing development next door to North Ranch (Escapees) RV Park.  The streets and street signs are still there,


the lots with utilities,


the water system,


the drainage system,


the great views,


but nobody’s home except birds,


insects, and reptiles and mammals which were too shy to pose for my camera.


A modern western ghost town.

Nice and cool today, but now we have humidity!

Louise and Duane

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Desert Sunrise






O Well

Since we have returned to North Ranch Escapees RV Park in Congress AZ, we have encountered a few minor snafus.  One is the exceptionally hot weather.  It appears we should have postponed our visit until October, when the weather would enable us to do more outdoor activities.   As it was we endured another hot day turned to warm evening.  The forecast is calling for Tuesday to be a triple digits day and 80’s night, then settling down to upper 90’s days and upper 70’s nights for the next 7-10 days.  Ahhh.  Cool weather at last!.

To cool off this afternoon we went to visit some friends who live in the residential section adjacent to North Ranch Escapees RV Park.  We enjoyed our visit and their nice cool house. On the way home we stopped at another friend’s to welcome him back to the park for the winter. If we had planned our visit for October, we would have been able to visit and play pickleball with more people.  As of now, most residents are lingering at their cool summer locations.

We can’t really complain though.  The nights are spectacular.  The park has rules against bright lights at night.  This keeps the light pollution to a minimum, and night sky is ablaze with twinkling stars, planets, and satellites.  Venus, Mars, the Pleiades, and the Milky Way are all clearly visible.  The 1/2 moon is so bright now that some of the lesser stars are pale, and the moonlight casts shadows.  Several nights I’ve seen “falling stars” streak across the sky and wink out. 

Tomorrow, more beauty and surprises to discover.

Louise and Duane

Sunday, September 16, 2018

AM Flight

We hopped the Eagle for a flight up the mountain.


We never tire of this ride for three reasons:  the scenic view which always changes with the light,


saguaros, which only grow on the mountain in this area, and the switchback curvy ride itself.


Our turnaround point was the Ranch House, a favorite stop for bike riders.  Little had changed in the three years since we were here last.


The witch was just about done for,


but this guy was still crankin’.


You’d be happy if this is what you looked at all day.


Inside we amused ourselves people watching and reading the signs:




After Duane finished his biscuits and sausage gravy and I downed my steak sandwich (really—a 6oz steak between two pieces of Texas toast!), we headed back down the hill.  Every time we pass the parking lot for the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park, we say we are going to make that hike one of these days.  Not today, though—too hot.


The valley was hazy today but we could still see Congress spread out on the right, and North Ranch (Escapees RV Park and privately owned lots) on the left.


Back in the valley we headed for Congress, turned left and went home.


Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Louise and Duane

Saturday, September 15, 2018

AM Walk

I always enjoy walking around the North Ranch (Congress, AZ) residents area.  I find all kinds of interesting stuff.  This morning I found a really ugly house, 


a very pretty house,


and no house yet.


I found three places that have so much stuff in front that I could hardly see the houses. (That’s not a real person.)






and bees


Bee above the flower on the left.




Tomorrow a new adventure.

Louise and Duane

Friday, September 14, 2018

Getting Closer

I made it out of bed at 7 this morning but will have to get up closer to 6 to catch that sunrise photo (see One Of These Days blog).  Better yet, I can wait until the sun rises later—then I won’t have to get up early!  Meanwhile, enjoy this Colorado sunset and pretend it’s an Arizona sunrise.


We had another horribly hot day today.  The temp reached 107, but the weather people promised that next week we’ll only make it into the 90’s.  The nights are cooler too—in the 70’s instead of the 80’s we had all last week.   Winter’s on the way!

With nothing particular on the agenda, we did laundry and went grocery shopping, just to be in a cooler place than our hot little house.

Looking forward to cooler weather.

Louise and Duane 

Thursday, September 13, 2018


The Eagle took us around  mountains


across valleys



and through towns





for two hours from our rv park outside Congress AZ to Cottonwood.  We stopped for lunch at this 50’s diner before riding to the city park for the Thunder Valley (bike) Rally which opened Wednesday and runs through Sunday.  We were shocked to find that the Rally was just setting up!.  One guy we asked said that the park opened for tent campers on Wed. and Thursday (today) bikers were encouraged to show up to (self) tour the area.  The Rally opens Friday afternoon.  Huh!


It’s a good thing that we always enjoy this ride—both ways. Away we flew enjoying the ride in the cool upper altitudes snaking around the mountains 


and across the upland valleys.


Back at the Weaver Mountains (Yarnell Hill to the locals), above Congress,  we enjoyed our ride down on the upper road while viewing the lower road up. (Think about it, it’ll come to you.)


With the iconic Vulture Mountain in the distance, the ride from Congress to the RV Park was very hot.


Fortunately, it was only about 5 miles.


Duane plans to return on Saturday if anyone wants to go.

Louise and Duane