Friday, December 14, 2018

At Last!

I made my last Christmas gift today.  Now I can get my house in order and relax.


We spent this evening playing cards with our friends and next door neighbors, Gene and Barbara. 


To play cards we had to move their Christmas tree, with the tiny tree skirt I made yesterday. 


Looking forward to goofing off.

Louise and Duane

Sewing’s Done

These are the Christmas gifts I’ve been sewing: 

a hooded towel for a granddaughter (kids love these)


a tiny Christmas tree skirt for our friends Gene and Barbara.  This is their first Christmas away from family.  They bought a little 12” tree for their travel trailer.  The tree needed a little something to make it complete.



This bigger tree skirt is for my sister who just bought a new 31” tree.



I always make them double sided for changing moods.

Now that my sewing projects are done, I can put away my machine and get out my beading stuff again.

Only two more gifts to make.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Slowing Down

With just a few more quick Christmas presents to make I am not pushing myself as much as I have the last two months.  Today my morning was taken up by pickleball and preparing lunch.  After lunch Gene and Duane went rock hounding.  Barbara cleaned house.  I made another present then prepared another box for shipping.  When I was done, Barbara and I decided that we had done enough work for one day.  She drove us to the post office to mail my box, then to the Dollar General Store for supplies.  Back home we wiled away an hour or two with a very fun game called Triominos.  We topped off our day with card with the guys in the evening.

I’ll have a more involved project next—after laundry.

Louise and Duane

Cold Flying

Several layers of clothing did not keep us warm this morning as Eagle took us on a long flight today. 


Straight west we flew on I8 past 85 miles of mountain-lined desert.


At Quartzite we turned on AZ 95 and flew straight south through the same scenery


until just outside Yuma.  There we crossed an irrigation canal that turned this area into farmland.


We passed miles of fields green with hay, vegetables




and citrus orchards. (For some reason the trees in this area are not pruned, but left to grow naturally.)


At the KOFA Escapees RV Club park we landed for an afternoon visit with our long-time biking buddies Brock and Leola.


They ride a Spyder.  Brock gave us a hug but disappointed that we haven’t seen the light and still have the Harley.  Leola couldn’t wait to give us a hug.

We were there not only to visit but to start to flesh out some details of our planned bike tour together up the west coast next summer.  We also wanted see if we wanted to put the rv park on our list of possible places to “settle down” sometime in the future.


We walked the park, enjoyed the delicious lunch Leola cooked for us, made some concrete plans, and had a nice chat before we started our three hour flight back the way we came.


We were cold flying home too, but enjoyed watching the sunset turning the mountains red


and the clouds pink.


As we turned into our rv park back in Tonopah in the dark, the quarter moon peeked out of the clouds to say goodnight.

Back to normal tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Monday, December 10, 2018


A trip to the post office saw four boxes going on their Merry Christmas ways to their new homes.  This leaves only two to go, but not within the next couple of days.  I am still making small projects to go into them. I did uncover the floor and the couch, however.  (See Chaos blog.)  Unfortunately, this may be the last year for them.  The price of shipping/mailing is outstripping the collective cost of the gifts!

Tomorrow we are riding the bike to Yuma.  We will be visiting friends and biking buddies Brock and Leola.  I didn’t say “biker” buddies because they ride a Spyder (not a real bike like a Harley).

The Eagle is screaming to fly.

Duane and Louise

Sunday, December 09, 2018


I opened the loft, stepped back and said, “Time to ship” and my year’s accumulation of boxes and packing spewed out.


That’s one way to get ‘er done.

I’m quite a bit closer to mailing.

Louise and Duane

Lessons From CA

While we were visiting our son and his family in California last week, I learned quite a few new things.

The grandkids were required to agree with their parents on the family Christmas tree.  This took two minutes.  The other 23 minutes they preferred weaving through the tree “forest”.


In the four days we were there, the family tv was on twice—when football was on.  Matt and Beth sit down at home about once a day for about 15-20 minutes—unless football is on.


Jack likes to mug for the camera,



and display his comic book creations.


Katie showed a different kind of creativity


and prefers quieter pursuits,


but loves her bike and her rollerblades.


Mel has quite the imagination.  Here she’s a biker dutette,


disappears (except for her hands),


is every inch a regal queen,


and is totally in charge as she gives Grandpa his instructions.


More fun tomorrow.

Louise and Duane

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Downs and Ups

After two days of clouds and rain, we saw sunshine part of the day.

Mr. Scrooge and I went Christmas shopping.  I was glad to get most of it done, he was glad it was over.

We caught some of the Phoenix area traffic, but were soon out of it.

When we arrived home Scrooge was pretty tired and grumpy, but perked up when we found that our good friends Gene and Barbara had safely survived their four day journey from Ohio.

Our visit with them this evening was short, but we’re looking forward to spending a lot of time together during the next 3 months.

We have more shopping to do, but it will be done online and at local stores.

I have a bit of wrapping and packing and shipping to do, but I think everything should arrive in time.

I know that most people our age just send money, but I think our grandkids would much rather open a surprise present—except for older teens, who can appreciate pocket money.

After a week of no pickleball, we are looking forward to playing again tomorrow.

Sun and fun in our future forecast.

Louise and Duane


Thursday, December 06, 2018

Carving Projects

Duane’s ornaments for the grandkids.  Each has the child’s current favorite color and interest.






Circle of biker Santas


Time to do some shopping.

Louise and Duane

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

I Did Promise

This is the star quilt I recently made.  This pattern is called Lemoyne Star.  The stars alternate green and cream, blue and cream, and gray.



back, stars and planets in a night sky.


Star detail—getting the points to meet precisely was tedious, as was not burying the outside points in the seam, but I did pretty well.

To quilt it (tie together the front, batting and back) I stitched in the seams around the squares.  I also stitched just the inside lines of the stars. 


On the back, the squares are outlined.  The star stitching makes a star burst design.


Each family member is represented by a symbol stitched on the gray squares.  This football represents our son-in-law, Benji, who (obviously) likes football.  He and our daughter Rachel now have this quilt on their bed.


How the symbols look on the back.


Next time, the grandkids’ ornaments.

Louise and Duane


To get back home to Tonopah, AZ, we said goodbye to our California family drove back the way we came on Thursday:  around the foothills,


across the flats past pastures


and planted fields,


through wind and dust,


up and over mountains,


and through the wind farm.


At dusk we exited California into Arizona and gained an hour.  After  a brief stop for fuel and a short stop for supper, we drove the last two hours in the dark, arriving at Saddle Mountain RV Park 12 1/2 hours after we left the family this morning. 

Smooth sailing all of the way.

Louise and Duane